We provide rigorously and specially trained guards and guardettes to offer a round the clock guarding of Commercial, Industrial and Residential assignments.

Guarding staff are vetted and screened as per the client’s requirements and with a current certificate of good conduct from the CID, National ID card, local chief letter, education testimonials, past employment details, referee letters and residential area maps.
All guards are literate-i.e. able to speak and write in both Kenya’s official languages and are physically fit and of a given age limit

Delta Guards ltd believe that security guarding is a profession that requires skills and expertise that can only be obtained by professional security training.
-Delta Guards Ltd is in partnership and collaboration with the IPSS(Institute of professional security studies).we are in the process of offering structered security career courses,training and certification for our ELITE guard force.
-Our deployment process also ensures that we conduct on site security training and regular in-house training.
-We have a well motivated and focused employees. This is achieved through our reward and recognition program.
Our guards have been vetted and trained to ensure that they have the relevant behavior and technical skills in the following:-
1.Specific site security procedures e.g physical security, access controls; security alertness.
2.patrolling techniques. crime detention and prevention. surveillance techniques and detection.
3.Client relation/public relation(PR).
Terrorism prevention and detection- use of  metal scanners and search techniques. communication skills.
4.occupation health and safety i.e. fire fighting, first Aid, hazards and safety.
-The  company has in-house frequent refresher course programs organized to update and maintain quality standards.


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